HPI Custom Process


Work with our team of engineers to turn your vision into a reality.

Since 1980 Highway Products has been customizing our products to perfectly meet the needs of our customers.  Most of the custom projects we take on are the result of folks like yourself who have a problem, often related to storage and organization, and are looking for a solution that just does not exist.  There’s lots of good manufacturers that build great products, but not many are willing to slow down for one custom job, regardless of whether it’s for a quantity of 1000 or even just one, and really give it the attention it needs.  That’s where Highway Products comes in.  Not only will we design exactly what you’re looking for, we are going to over-build it so it lasts forever.

The Highway Products Custom Process is broke down into three simple steps:

Start by giving one of our experienced Custom Specialists a call and let them know what your idea is. 

Our trained experts will work with you to figure out the best solution to meet your needs.  With your ideas and input, our Custom Specialists will help bring your idea to life.  They’ll provide you with a quote and upon your approval, will start the engineering phase of the process.

One of our Custom Engineers will be assigned to your project from beginning to end.  

We use a state of the art 3D modeling software to design your product down to the smallest detail.  A CAD drawing will be given to you showing multiple angles with details and measurements called out to give you the full scope of the design.  You’ll have the opportunity to review and verify the specifications meet your expectations, and upon your signature of approval we’ll move forward into the final phase of production.

Our manufacturing processes are engineered for precision and repeatability.

Between our Rotary Punches and Fiber Optic laser, these machines are programmed to cut metal with tolerances as tight as three-thousands of one inch.  High-end press brakes then form the materials before being passed to a welding team with years of experience.  Everything is then assembled by hand with detailed focus from our hard-working staff, with quality checkpoints between each stage to ensure only the highest quality standards that can hold up to our true Lifetime Warranty.

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