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Design and build a work truck that’s just right for you.

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HPI’s American Made Truck Accessories deliver both looks and utility.

Why sacrifice the look of your truck to have secure storage?  Get the best of both worlds with a Highway Products Truck Tool Box.

Convert your pickup into a work truck with a commercial-grade bed cover. Organize your tools and materials with easy-to-access secure lockable storage.

Form and Functionality finally come together. Headache Racks should look good. Your truck deserves it.

Add function and style to your truck with Highway Products Truck Bed Rails.
Keep your feet safely on the ground while you access the contents of your truck bed with a Highway Products Truckslide. Never crawl into your truck again by sliding the contents out to you with a Highway Products Truck Slide.
Need something specifically designed just for your truck? Highway Products is the industry leader in custom aluminum truck accessories.
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Highway Products’ selection of Semi Accessories are guaranteed to make the haul.

The longest-lasting underbody box on the road today.  Trusted to transport America since 1980.

The most versatile underbody box available. 

Perfect storage option for limited space.

Maximize your storage with a semi step box

Keep your tire chains secure and accessible.

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Highway Products specializes in building products designed specifically for your needs.

Don’t settle for a service body designed for everybody.  Work with our team of engineers to get a bed specific for you.

Highway Products Utility Deck is the industry’s first load bearing bed cover with utility boxes and a Utility Gate, creating the ultimate alternative to a service body.

Leave the cookie cutter flatbeds behind and build the custom flatbed of your dreams. Designed specific to you and your lifestyle.

Design a great-looking Semi Headache Rack or Drom Guard exactly right for your storage needs.

Add organization anywhere.

Highway Products was founded on building custom underbody boxes for specific applications. Our boxes have seen hundreds of millions of miles around the world.

The convenience of a Highway Products Truckslide specific designed to your specs.

Keep your machines running, your team working, and save trips into town.

Turn the back of your truck or SUV into a secure storage vault.

Keep your fishing gear and equipment close to your boat

Secure storage boxes built exactly for you.

Turn the back of your truck or SUV into a secure storage vault.

Highway Products Custom Builds red road

Highway Products keeps you fueled.

Keep your work day organized and fueled!

Hand welded from 100% military-grade aluminum

Design a Fuel Transfer Tank exactly to your specs.




We Take Pride In What We Do

Highway Products is the industry leader in high-end aluminum truck accessories, semi truck accessories and work truck solutions. Everything we produce is engineered to last forever, manufactured with state-of-the-art equipment, and assembled by hand right here in White City, Oregon.  Our products are carefully designed to work with all major truck lines from Ford, Chevy, Dodge, and more. For decades, HPI has been preferred by contractors and admired by truck enthusiasts worldwide since 1980.