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TRENDING NOW! The Truck Bed Rails from Highway Products have exploded onto the scene, and provide a much more “functional” addition to your truck bed. For years the bed rail industry has remained the same, with little innovation. A bed rail was, well, a bed rail. After doing our own research and development, we came up with a product that not only satisfied the shortcomings of traditional bed rails, but raised the bar and changed the game forever.

Since launching our bed rails in the Fall of 2015, we’ve been pleased to watch our new product make a true difference for our customers. The unique design of our bed rails offers many different “extras” not seen until now.

Increased Carrying Capacity

The Highway Products Truck Bed Rails raise the actual height of the sides of your bed by a few inches so you can truly get the milage out of the bed space in your rig. How many times have you needed just a tiny bit more space to feel comfortable hauling that packed load down the road? No more.

Endless Tie-Down Options

Ever been frustrated with only 2 or 4 tie down spots in the bed of your rig? How about just a metal rail that leaves you with tie downs that slide and become loose? Problem solved. With our trademark hex punches all over these bed rails, there is no angle or tie down combination it won’t stand up to. We know from experience that some things are best secured tied down at an angle. You can’t do that with traditional bed rails without the slippage.

Military Grade

Our Bed Rails are made out of ¼” thick military grade aluminum. They are as tough as anything we build. So tough, we offer a lifetime warranty on them, just like everything else that leaves our shop. With the strength on these bed rails you can secure anything you’re hauling such as quads, motorcycles, lumber, etc with tie downs or ratchet systems.  



Last, but certainly not least. Not only do our truck Bed Rails boast everything listed above, but with the design that covers in it’s entirety the whole side of your truck bed, you have protection from dents and scratches that is unmatched. These military grade aluminum rails are bent to the contour of your bedside and are powder coated “Highway Black” for a look and protection that is nothing short of tough.

To view our Truck Bed Rails, please visit this page:

Since 1980, Highway Products has been manufacturing the highest quality aluminum products including truck toolboxesflatbedsservice bodies and much more. From simple truck toolboxes to the most complex custom jobs, all products are engineered in-house, then welded and hand assembled by our team of professionals. Each product and process is handled with care and precision and stamped with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

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