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Loading and unloading your truck made simple. The Truckslide™ from Highway Products Inc. takes what used to be frustrating, difficult and often times painful and makes it convenient and easy! Unloading or accessing the gear, groceries or equipment in bed of your truck has never been easy. But it is now.

We have had the same struggles over the years and decided to create a solution. We know all too well it’s no fun crawling in the back of your pickup or reaching over the side to get a 5-gallon bucket of paint, a tool box, your golf clubs, the groceries, the list goes on. Especially if you have a canopy, camper shell or Tonneau Cover installed! It’s not always the case that what you’re grabbing is heavy, but rather the classic case of being in an awkward lifting position your body was not made for. We’ve all been there. You have got to do what you can to save those precious shoulders and back muscles! With a Truckslide™ everything easily rolls out to where it can be reached or loaded up, saving you both the hassle and time it takes to organize the bed of your truck, one climb up and down at a time. The Truckslide™ works great in pickup trucks, vans, service bodies, motor homes, and fifth wheel trailers.


Our Truckslides™ come in two different weight capacities and three stock sizes. You can choose from our XT-2000 (2,000lb capacity) and XT-4000 (4,000lb capacity). These slides come ready to fit your truck and are available in the following lengths: 5′ 6″, 6′ 6″ and 8′. Need a different size? Give us a call.


To view the 2,000lb capacity Truckslide™, visit this page:

To view the 4,000lb capacity Truckslide™, visit this page:

Our  Truckslides™ don’t take an expert to install. You can install one of these yourself in just a matter of minutes with the proper tools. Make sure you check out our installation video on each product page!

Since 1980, Highway Products has been manufacturing the highest quality aluminum products including truck toolboxesflatbedsservice bodies and much more. From simple truck toolboxes to the most complex custom jobs, all products are engineered in-house, then welded and hand assembled by our team of professionals. Each product and process is handled with care and precision and stamped with a lifetime warranty, no questions asked.

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