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Strongback™ Flatbed

The most durable and best-looking aluminum flatbed for your full-size truck.

Strongback™ Flatbed

Lifetime Warranty

Don’t settle for a cookie-cutter work truck.

  • Completely overbuilt truck bodies to withstand the most rigorous work environments
  • All aluminum construction. Light weight and strong as an ox
  • Only premium materials and components used on your flatbed
  • Fully welded truck deck – no rivets, no shortcuts
  • Built to last forever, backed by a Lifetime warranty

Starting at $8,000

Highway Products builds and designs the best-looking and most-durable flatbeds to replace your truck bed or mount to a cab and chassis.. HPI’s pickup truck flat beds are built to last forever.  With fully welded decks and no rivets or shortcuts taken anywhere, our flatbeds will outlast your full size pickup and the next one too.

The Strongback™ aluminum flatbed is made to order and configured to your specific needs.  Choose from different styles of headboards, decks, flatbed rails, tow packages, and unique finishes.  Increase your storage with a cab over rack, lumber stops, ladder rack, and even add custom storage boxes to design the perfect flatbed for you.  Maintain the functionality of your bumper sensors and backup camera’s to continue to utilize the safety features of your Ford, Chevy/GM or Dodge Ram trucks.  We also offer Custom Flatbeds for other makes, and we’ll even completely redesign our flatbeds for your truck from top to bottom.

WHY AN HPI™ Strongback™ Flatbed

We don’t do cookie cutter at Highway Products. Choose between tons of different options and finishes to design the utility flatbed that is perfect for you.

WHY AN HPI™ Strongback™ Flatbed

We don’t do cookie cutter at Highway Products. Choose between tons of different options and finishes to design the utility flatbed that is perfect for you.

All 6061 T6 Channel. 6” exterior channel with 4” cross members and 4” long sills. All Cross members on max 12” centers with gussets welded to the sills for an unbreakable truck bed structure.

We’re not afraid to admit that we take a lot of pride in our trucks. Our team of engineers have not only designed the toughest flatbeds on the market, but also the best looking because your work truck should look good.

Every flatbed is designed for your exact truck and bed length, and you won’t lose any functionality with your backup camera, 3rd brake light camera, or bumper sensors with a Highway Products truck flat bed.

Highway Products can customize boxes for your flatbed. From Drop Door boxes to Clamshell boxes to Transfer Tanks, add all the storage you would ever need.

Everything built at Highway Products gets our Lifetime Guarantee.

Checkout some photos and videos of Strongback™ Flatbed.

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Flatbed | 9061-995
Flatbed | 9061-994
Flatbed | 9061-990
Flatbed | 9061-989
Flatbed | 9061-988
Flatbed | 9061-986
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Flatbed | 9061-930
Flatbed | 9061-905
Flatbed | 9061-903
Flatbed | 9061-902
Flatbed | 9061-901
Flatbed | 9061-895
Flatbed | 9061-893
Flatbed | 9061-888
Flatbed | 9061-885
Flatbed | 9061-883
Flatbed | 9061-882
Flatbed | 9061-881
Flatbed | 9061-878
Flatbed | 9061-876
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Flatbed | 9061-871
Flatbed | 9061-870
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Flatbed | 9061-866
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Flatbed | 9061-855
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Flatbed | 9061-852
Flatbed | 9061-851
Flatbed | 9061-849
Flatbed | 9061-840
Flatbed | 9061-837
Flatbed | 9061-703
Flatbed | 9061-695
Flatbed | 9061-673
Flatbed | 9061-317